Hailing from Augusta, GA, Trey McLaughlin & The Sounds of Zamar are known for their opulent harmonies and beautiful vocal blends. They have carved a unique place for themselves in the music industry through soul-stirring arrangements of contemporary music. This concert features clever gospel arrangements of pop and musical theater hits, as well as an introduction to Gospel music as a distinct style. Always providing a fresh perspective, The Sounds of Zamar offers a truly authentic experience while capturing the essence of the original songs. Trey McLaughlin is a passionate vocalist, educator/clinician, composer and arranger whose work expresses the beauty of mixing various musical genres in new ways to be enjoyed by all who encounter his artistry. Transcending cultural boundaries, the group’s music is sung all over the world. This performance will be streaming from the Desert Mirage High School Theatre.


Recommended grades: 3-12

Length: 60 minutes