Sonia De Los Santos & The Okee Dokee Brothers


Friendship is at the heart of this joyful collaboration between Mexican songstress and Latin Grammy nominee, Sonia De Los Santos, and the Grammy Award winning Americana folk duo, The Okee Dokee Brothers. This bilingual program includes both old and new songs that span the musical traditions of North America and illustrate the collective power of singing together and learning from each other. Sonia, Joe and Justin are kindred spirits in their shared love of nature, storytelling and the importance of community music making. Their voices blend beautifully as they trade songs and share their creative inspirations.


“Somos Amigos invites young listeners to feel the joy of engaging across cultural differences with curiosity, empathy, and a spirit of friendship. It was the perfect message in a time when our schools are focused on re-building community.”


- Karoline Myers, Des Moines Performing Arts


“The Okee Dokee Brothers are an absolute national treasure. These songs are just what the world needs right now.“


- Minnesota Parent Magazine


Recommended grades: K-6

Length: 60 minutes