123 Andrés


Presenting an eclectic mix of sounds from all corners of Latin America, husband-wife duo Andrés (Bogotá, Colombia) and Christina (US) -  fuses folk-based rhythms with upbeat pop. To McCallum, they bring their newest show  Actívate based on the album nominated for a Grammy for Best Children’s album in 2021.Actívate is packed with positive vibes and high-energy Latin beats. Actívate means “get active” and true to that spirit, the audience participates every step of the way – helping recover some missing birds, untangling hilarious mishaps, contributing ideas, and more. Actívate promotes self-affirmation and creativity, blending Spanish language, rhythms, and lots of opportunities to move. Join Christina and Andrés and their band for a show in the spirit of música, energía, familia y comunidad.


Recommended grades: PreK-6

Length: 60 minutes