Geordie Productions

Lily feels trapped. When a conflict between her best friend Brit and the guy she likes, Karim, breaks out after other students share racist, anti-Muslim memes, a misunderstanding lead to a school lockdown. Lily finds herself right in the middle, forced to make hard choices about which friend’s truth she’s going to believe. Illustrating the real-life challenges of immigration, income inequality, and fears of violence in our schools, The In-Between is a realistic, relatable exploration of the complex social circumstances students must navigate in today’s world. Written by award-winning playwright Marcus Youssef - writer of the international Geordie hit Jabber, seen by tens of thousands of young people across North America and Europe - The In-Between tackles hard questions with humor, sensitivity and a deft ear for how young people negotiate the adult-size problems they encounter as they enter their later teens. Contains some strong language. A subtitled version is available.


Recommended Grades: 8-12 (ages 13-18)

Length: 50 minutes


Connections: Discrimination, personal politics, immigration, refugees, diversity, decision-making, stereotypes, online media literacy, friendships, family, language, theater