Karen Rae Kraut, Nicole Cloeren & Rebecca the Monkey

May 12 10:00 AM Live Webinar

Grandmother Spider, a folktale from the Kiowa people of North America, is the centerpiece in this presentation. Everyone who tries to bring light to the animal people gets in a jam. Will Grandmother Spider save the day, or not? Join Rebecca the Monkey, and her human friends to find out. Nurturing the imagination, telling vivid stories from around the world, and engaging young learners in puppetry activities that allow for creative expression and social emotional learning are cornerstones of Into The Soup with Rebecca. View a recording of this live webinar until June 14. 


The final live webinar in this enjoyable series features a different story and activity on May 26.


“A delicious mix of storytelling, puppetry and movement!” 


Recommended Grades: Pre-k - 3 

Length: 40 minutes


Connections: storytelling, puppetry, movement, social emotional learning, culture, creative expression, imagination, diversity, friendships, problem-solving, folktales, the Kiowa people, spiders