Honolulu Theatre for Youth

In this unforgettable performance, we see Hawai‘i’s first Olympic gold medalist and the grandfather of modern surfing, Duke Paoa  Kahanamoku, through his own eyes, through history’s reflection on his journey in a complicated time, and from the viewpoint of the community who loved him. As playwright and performer, Moses Goods transforms himself into dozens of characters to bring to life one of the most important and beloved figures in Hawai‘ian history, a true hero. 


Recommended Grades: 3-12

Length: 1 hour


Connections: language, storytelling, biography, history, native & indigenous cultures, athletics, nature, bravery, resilience, community, theatrical performance, multimedia design


“Duke was great for my 5th grade class to see because it fit so well with our discussion of Hawaii and Alaska becoming our 49th and 50th States.  The performer did an amazing job capturing the students attention by weaving in and out of various characters - making the story very enjoyable, showing Duke's relationship to his family, his heritage, his home, and sharing it with the rest of the world. The performance was not very long, so it was able to hold the attention of all students. I was able to connect it to the large screen in our classroom and the kids felt like they were right there in the theater.”

-Dawn Norton, 5th Grade Teacher, King's Schools